Private messaging.

Jupital is a simple and secure messaging app that respects your privacy. It uses the freemium business model so you are the customer not the product being sold.


    It only requires the bare minimum data ne­cessary to provide the service.

    To create an account it doesn't need a phone number or email address. Instead, it uses random numbers (UUID) for all iden­tifiers of accounts, con­versations, messages, etc.

    All personal information and the list of contacts stays in the user's device and is never shared with Jupital. Besides, it doesn't keep logs of con­nection times or IP addresses.


    It uses modern cryptography and pro­tocols* for end-to-end, in transit and at rest data en­cryption. No one except the intended parti­cipants can read the messages.

    It authenticates users with public keys instead of pass­words to prevent its theft, and it also provides greater user con­venience, as it avoids the burden of having to remember it or reset it.

    * Double Ratchet, NaCl, CurveCP, iOS Data Protection, SQLCipher


    We don't sell ads. We don't sell your infor­mation. We are not inte­rested in any of it.

    We simply charge you to use Jupital and there­fore you are the customer.

    We offer a subscription to a premium plan com­bined with a free tier in what it is known as the freemium model.


  • FREE

    $0 / year

    • No username
    • Send 30 messages per month
    • Receive unlimited messages
    • Unlimited contacts

    Coming soon

    $9.99 / year

    • Choose your own username
    • Send unlimited messages
    • Receive unlimited messages
    • Unlimited contacts